AMRE Deal Origination Approach

Licensed medical facilities in the U.S. constitute a base of real estate approaching $800 billion in replacement cost, making up a majority of the estimated $1.2 trillion healthcare real estate universe.

The aging of this medical treatment facility base has stimulated growth in re-development and replacement of medical facilities, with both for-profit and nonprofit medical providers participating.

Current estimates are that $30 billion of new and replacement medical facilities plus $20 billion of refinanced facilities contribute to an annual market expansion of $50 billion for AMRE to participate in.

AMRE sources deals through direct sales efforts and focused marketing activities aimed at leading medical providers in the country.

AMRE exhibits at national medical associations, attends professional medical conferences, and calls directly on executives and owners of hospitals, outpatient surgical facilities, and corporate medical specialty providers.

Management’s deep level of experience and expertise allows AMRE to triage presented deal opportunities, assess candidate investments, and execute an intelligent tenant operational audit.

AMRE does not work through brokers but rather initiates direct sales efforts with medical providers viewed as long-term, market dominant participants. The process involves relationship building with C-suite leaders and continuous prospecting on a national basis.