Investment Criteria – AMRE success formula
Investment Guidelines
  • Minimum equity per transaction of $10M; single property
  • transactions in the $10M - $50M range
  • 2-3% rent escalation built into 15 – 20 yr leases
  • 2x DSCR minimum requirement
  • 2x EBITDARM minimum requirement
  • ~65% LTV typical leverage on acquisitions
Quality Facilities and Strategic Location
  • State-of-the-art technology and design
  • Facilities recently built or renovated
  • Facilities core to provider business model
  • Functionality, reusability, conversion value
  • Position to take advantage of decentralization trends
  • Identifiable, predictable, historical market demand
  • Proximity to related resources for reliable patient flow
FOCUS On Tentant Operations
  • Excellent medical practice groups with sustainable practices
  • Single, long-term tenants
  • Dominant, long-standing providers
  • Strong and diversified payor mix
  • Market-leading medical tenants
Mission Critical Local Providers
  • Dominant specialty group practices; regional sole providers
  • Regional specialty hospitals
  • Critical access hospitals
  • Strong and diversified payor mix
  • Long-term practice success / expert hospital management history